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Introducing Dark Sky Ultra-Premium CBD

At Dark Sky, we set out to grow the best indoor grown hemp flower possible, and make it available for the same prices as the traditional outdoor grown CBD products. After refining our processes, we’re thrilled to offer true ultra-premium hemp flowers that are grown to maximize the full flavor, potency, and potential of the cannabinoids and terpenes. And to make getting it easy, we ship it directly to your door.

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Dark Sky CBG Flower and Pre rolls.

Stay Fresh
Preservation Focused

Enzyme Driven
Biodegradable Plastic

Child Pet Resistant.


Grown Indoors in Small Batches

It’s an impossible challenge to grow perfect hemp flower in a massive outdoor monoculture setting. We know, we’ve seen it, and considered it. Growing indoors in small batches allows us to give every plant the care and attention needed to produce the highest quality buds possible.


Experience the Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is the mechanism by which botanical compounds (Like Terpenes) act synergistically with cannabinoids to maximize the feeling or relief that you are looking for. Growing indoors in small batches allows us to control the environment and develop the most terpene rich buds. Terpenes play a huge part in the entourage effect, and at Dark Sky we are proud to say that our Hemp flower is full of them.


Committed to Sustainability

Dark Sky products come delivered in 100% enzyme driven biodegradable plastic. They’re engineered to keep product fresh and preserved with air tight seals and moisture balancing technology. Each container features a child and pet proof lock and release mechanism to protect your nugs from unintended users.


Lab Tested

We're able to back up our claim of Ultra-Premium by testing our Hemp products for quality, potency and contaminants. Testing is an incredibly important part of our process as it helps us not only guarantee that our product is exactly what we say it is, but it allows us to fine tune our process for our next crop. Rest assured that all Dark Sky CBD products are tested and 100% federally legal.

Dark Sky CBG Flower and Pre rolls.

Eco-friendly packaging

maximum satisfaction, minimum impact.

2G Strawberry cough done


Know exactly what you are getting.

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