King Palm XL Single


Sit down, relax, and light it up. Enjoy a solid smoke with our King Palm XL roll. Besides, there is nothing more satisfying than lighting up an all natural King Palm roll, especially after a long day.


Every single roll is made of the highest value leaves, carefully selected, and picked by hand. They are 100% natural palm leaves made to hold a huge amount of your preferred legal herbs. Our rolls hold all the herbs you need, tightly sealed, and no leakage.

With our product, you get a roll in a class by itself with:

  • The cleanest leaf wrapping on the market
  • A secure surface that guarantees no herbs will fall through
  • Glue, preservative, and chemical-free product
  • GMO-free corn husk filter that eliminates all the oils
  • Slow-burning features to enjoy a long smoke

The key to its effectiveness lies in the filter. With a single roll, you get one cooling filter made of corn husk free from nicotine and artificial flavorings.  Other common paper wrappings simply can’t compare. This filter is in a league of its own. There is no oil or harmful toxins that will get to your mouth. So, every time you do smoke, you will only enjoy the good effects of the herbs rather than to expose your body to harmful toxins.

For those looking for the ultimate natural smoking experience, the King Palm XL rolls tick all the boxes. Not only do you get a solid-structured roll, but you also enjoy a natural, clean, and chemical-free product.


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