King Palm Slim


King Palm’s slim pouch contains 2 slim rolls made exclusively from Cordia leaf. The rolls are made from the highest quality Cordia leaves that are handpicked, and carefully selected after to maintain high-quality standards.


All our products are ethically sourced and responsibly cultivated. No trees are harmed in the process of harvesting Cordia leaves and our workers all around the world are paid 20% higher than the standard wage. Our slim rolls contain no tobacco, GMO’s or additives and are completely non-toxic and made from 100% natural materials.

There is no chance of any adulteration of your joint with any of our materials as they undergo strict checks to guarantee purity and quality. Our Cordia leaves smoke so beautifully that even the biggest tobacco users often switch exclusively to our products. The leaves are hand-rolled to seamless perfection by professionals so that you don’t experience any fraying or leakage during your smoking sessions.

What’s more, our Cordia leaves are super slow burning! So you can sit back and enjoy your blunt to the fullest without having to worry about lighting a new one every few minutes.

Packaged by the kings of moisture control Boveda, and having a two-way, 62% control of humidity, our slim pouches have an extended shelf life. So even if you open the packets after a whole year of purchasing them, you will experience the same crisp, fresh rolls that you would if you’d opened them immediately after purchase.


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