King Palm Mini Multi 5 pack


Get 5 Mini leaf rolls to enjoy with a couple of friends or relax at home. You get a slow-burning, tobacco-free roll that holds up to 1 gram.


With our mini leaf rolls, you get a product of the highest quality. Every piece has been rolled by hand, picked, and selected to ensure it meets our criteria. You get a fully cleaned product, cleansed with purified water.  Once you try them out, you will put all those chemicals and toxins to rest. You are never going back to mass-produced synthetic paper wraps again.

With our mini pack, you get:

  • Five mini rolls that can hold 1 gram of herbs
  • Slow-burning leaf
  • Leaf rolls of the highest quality, picked and made by hand
  • Thoroughly cleansed product free from debris
  • Boveda 2-way humidity control package to keep the humidity level at  62%
  • Rolls that will keep their freshness for 1 year

There is no need for bigger rolls when you just need a quick way to loosen up. Most similar products will burn incredibly fast. All the synthetically produced wraps have a very high burning speed, so it’s impossible to enjoy a long smoke, relax, and unwind.

Our leaf wraps are completely different. With these mini packs, you get to enjoy a slow-burning leaf without having to add too many herbs. Get a good smoke with this 5 Mini Pack.


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