Dark Sky CBD Stash Box


One of the most important items of a Cannabis user’s arsenal is a beautiful stash box. The Dark Sky CBD Wooden Stash Box is as beautiful as they come. Sleek, smooth, and full of tools, the Dark Sky CBD Stash Box is an essential part of your collection.



High security
Create your own unique 3 digit pin to keep your stash locked away and secure. All Dark Sky CBD Stash Boxes come with a 3 digit locking mechanism so you, and only you have access.

Smell Proof & Air Tight
Our stash box contains 2 airtight glass stash jars to keep your stash fresh, and to keep any smells and scents locked in.

Maximum Storage
Dark Sky CBD Stash Boxes feature a completely removable compartment which allows you to completely open up the box for additional storage space. Our stash box is slightly larger than similar brands, as we know that when it comes to storage space, you can never have enough! Dimensions are 9 ½” x 7 ½” x 2 ½”.

Beautifully Branded
As one of the first pieces of our hardware and accessories catalog, the Dark Sky CBD Stash Box is just the first piece of your Dark Sky CBD collection. While we want to be remembered for our amazing Hemp products, we also want to provide useful, unique accessories to enhance your cannabis experience.

1 X Dark Sky CBD Stash Box (9 ½” x 7 ¾ ” x 4”)
1 X Dark Sky CBD Heavy Duty Grinder
2 X Dark Sky Airtight Glass Stash Jars
1 X Mini Rolling Table
1 X Packing Stick


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